Establishment of the Wayamba University

uni plakThe need for restructuring of the degrees offered by the new universities was a priority in the governments’ national educational reforms. The major issue was that the degrees offered, whether by the traditional or the newly established universities, should focus on the future needs of the country and that they should develop appropriately trained human resources with necessary competence and skills to man development projects. Therefore the new universities were expected to develop new degree programmes encompassing appropriately designed courses which could cut across departments of study, adopt modern teaching – learning techniques and evaluation procedures, while rationalizing the human and other available resources. Therefore, the training of undergraduates in the conventional system was no longer viable and the emphasis was to make the best use of the investment on higher education by producing graduates who were employable in sectors where job opportunities would be available in the future.

In 1998/1999, the University Grants Commission appointed a Committee chaired by Prof. H.P.M. Gunasena, a former Rector of the Wayamba Campus, to address the above issues and make recommendations in the context of establishing a new university in the administrative district of Kurunegala.

According to the recommendations of the Committee and in consultation with the University Grants Commission, late Honourable Richard Pathirana, then the Minister of Education and Higher Education established the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka with effect from 01st of October, 1999 for the purpose of providing, promoting and developing higher education in the branches of learning of Applied Sciences, Business Studies & Finance, Agriculture & Plantation Management and Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition.

Accordingly, the following Faculties and Departments of Study were assigned to the Wayamba University by the Government Notification in the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1093/8 issued on the 13th of August, 1999 in Colombo:



Departments of Study

Agriculture and Plantation Management

Agri Business Management




Horticulture and Landscape Gardening


Plantation Management


Applied Sciences

Computing and Information Systems




Industrial Management


Mathematical Sciences


Business Studies and Finance



Banking and Finance


Business Management


Insurance and Valuation


Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition

Applied Nutrition


Aquaculture and Fisheries


Food Science and Technology


Livestock and Avian Sciences