Present Status : Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

uni adminThe Wayamba University of Sri Lanka marked a decade of existence in 2009 since being granted the autonomous status in 1999.  Over these years, the major consideration in designing degree programmes at the Wayamba University was the practicality and relevance of courses of study for emerging development needs of the country, with the objective of ensuring a high employability of graduates produced by the Faculties.  The Wayamba University graduates were expected to be enriched with scientific skills and competencies demanded by employers. 

The practicality of the courses was enhanced by orienting the course content towards practical needs rather than an excessive orientation in theory.  Nevertheless, the theory and principles of disciplines were not neglected but retained as the foundation in the initial years of study.  The specializations were in practical applications rather than in advanced theoretical knowledge, often inapplicable to the industry.  The employability of the graduates was further enhanced by subjecting them to six-month to one year period of industrial training during the last academic year, which requires the submission of a comprehensive report based on the hands-on experience gained by the students.  The respective Faculties arrange such industrial training components for their students through faculty level coordinators.

It is the well-qualified academic staff that provides the major impetus in delivering all academic programmes of the Faculties.  The junior staff is provided with training on pedagogical skills and other aspects of student-centred learning by the Staff Development Unit of the University.  Apart from the credit-based learning, directly facilitated by the Faculties, significant contributions are made by the English Language Teaching Units, Information & Communication Technology Centres and the Career Guidance Unit to enhance a variety of students’ skills to impart that competitive edge in finding suitable employment upon graduation.

The Libraries of the University have vastly improved their facilities to provide an ideal independent learning environment for the students, with both traditional and on-line access to library resources.

Further, the extra-curricular training provided by the Physical Education Unit through a variety of sports and games has been effective in the making of many versatile graduates enriched with sports skills and achievements at inter-university level.

The outcome of all these activities over the past years has been very impressive, as was revealed by a recent survey on the Employability of Wayamba University Graduates, conducted by the External Affairs Unit of the Wayamba University.  This survey has found the following employability rates of the graduates produced by the four Faculties:

Agriculture & Plantation Management



Applied Sciences



Business Studies & Finance



Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition



It should be mentioned that the verity of the above figures has been confirmed in an independent study by the Higher Education for the Twenty-First Century (HETC) Project of the Minister of Higher Education, which has produced even better rates of employability among the graduates produced by all the Faculties of the Wayamba University.

The general & financial administration led by the Registrar & Bursar together with their Administrative Officers have immensely contributed to the development of much needed infrastructure facilities, which the Faculties have utilized fully to create more higher educational opportunities for the Advanced Level Students qualifying for university entrance.