5, Annual Study Programme Monitoring


5.1, Annual Monitoring is the building block of the University’s Academic Quality Enhancement processes and the process whereby Faculties and the University check that courses and programmes meet the expectations of staff and students.

5.2, Annual monitoring has a key role in:

  • maintaining academic standards
  • monitoring and enhancing the management of student assessment and of feedback to students
  • monitoring student performance and progression
  • evaluating the quality of the student experience and identifying enhancements
  • evaluating the effectiveness of learning and teaching resources and identifying matters requiring attention
  • identifying, promoting and disseminating good practice
  • gathering evidence of local initiatives and progress in relation to the Faculty Learning and Teaching Plan and the University Learning and Teaching Strategy
  • informing the Faculties and University of matters requiring their attention

5.3, Programme monitoring should be carried out in every year by the respective Faculties facilitated by FQAC. Course in-charges or Programme Co-ordinators conduct a review of the course unit/module following the completion of teaching and assessment.

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