The Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition (FLFN) along with other three faculties was established in 1999 when the Wayamba Campus was given fully fledged university status as the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (WUSL). The faculty is located in the city of Makandura of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, about 60 km forwards north-east of Colombo on the Negombo-Kurunegala road, with close proximity to the major cities of Negombo, Kurunegala and Kuliyapitiya and the Bandaranayake International Airport.

FLFN is well recognized as one of the Sri Lanka’s latest and modern learning and research institutions. Nationally acclaimed for its well qualified teaching staff, experienced researchers and modern high quality learning facilities, the faculty possesses a reputation for quality and excellence in higher education and research. Being the leading education provider in food & nutrition, the faculty has continued to introduce innovative job-oriented subject modules and curricular to cater the needs of the stakeholders in the sector.

Education at the faculty

FLFN conducts two B.Sc. degree programmes, B.Sc. in Food Science and Nutrition (BScFSN), and B.Sc. in Food Production and Technology Management (BScFPTM), which are of four year duration and taught in English language. BScFSN degree programme was introduced in 2001 and BScFPTM degree programme was introduced in 2009. Such B.Sc. degree programmes were felt to be national needs, hitherto not available in the Sri Lankan university system. The faculty also has the advantage of being physically situated in an area where all the external resources for conducting such degree courses and outreach programmes are available. The degree courses conducted by the faculty have high demand as reflected by the Z-scores and the fact that it attracts students from all Districts and ethnic groups in the country. Apart from imparting knowledge, both degree courses aim at developing personality of the students by improving leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication, analytical and critical thinking. The faculty atmosphere is very conducive and for learning and social activities. FLFN adopts a flexible teaching-learning process to deliver an enhanced learner-centered education. The faculty has a system to provide career guidance to the students from the first year onward enabling them to focus well in their future careers. The knowledge and skills gained through well designed progammes give undergraduates a competitive advantage in the job market and securing places to pursue postgraduate studies in recognized foreign universities.

The number of students admitted annually to the BScFSN programme is 110, and to the BScFPTM is 60. Today, nearly 450 students from all years are studying at the faculty under the guidance of more than 40 academics. The students who follow the BScFSN course have options in specializing in Applied Nutrition and Food Science & Technology and those follow BScFPTM course have options of specializing in Aquaculture & Fisheries and Livestock & Avian Sciences.

The faculty has four Departments of Study of which each conducts outreach activities in addition to their primary involvement of contributing to deliver the curricular of academic programmes.

The faculty is committed to develop a strong research programme and outreach programmes which will contribute to the development of the food and nutrition sectors in Sri Lanka. The faculty, presently, operates such research and outreach programmes funded by local and foreign funding agencies.

The faculty has also established links with national and regional industries, business establishments, research institutes and government and non-governmental organizations. All these activities in a way benefit the faculty in enriching the quality of the academic programmes of the faculty.  

During the 13 year period from the inception, the faculty has undergone a rapid development where the faculty has set up the environment for learner-centered education. Today, the students are enjoying education at the faculty where well equipped lecture theatres, laboratories with unique research facilities, media facilities, animal units and aquaculture field units etc, network facility with enhanced Wi-Fi coverage, are now available. The teaching and learning process of the faculty is further facilitated by the services available through the Biostatics Unit, library, twenty four hour internet access & email facilities, Information & Communication Centre, English Language Teaching Unit, Youth Well Being Centre and Students Advisory System. Thus, the education at the faculty has become very attractive and friendly. You also can experience this difference at the faculty by joining the faculty.

Dean's Message

Prof Jayaweera

Prof. B.P.A. Jayaweera
Dean of the Faculty

You are welcome to the website of the Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition (FLFN) of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. This website brings you details about the faculty, departments, academic programmes and other activities.

Vision & Mission of the Faculty

Our Vision

To achieve the excellence and recognition in higher education, research and development of technologies in its mandated areas.


Our Mission

To produce graduates with knowledge, skills and competence to meet urgent national needs in the important field of food & nutrition and to develop research and outreach programmes.

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