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Message from the Dean.....


I am privileged and honoured to be part of the Faculty of Medicine at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, and to work with a team dedicated to the provision of high quality education. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new batch of undergraduates who will make history by being the first group of medical students to the University at Wayamba.

The University is in the process of preparing the background for first year academic training, in keeping with the mission of the faculty to produce highly skilled, socially accountable ​health care professional​s with the highest professional standards and commitment towards advancement of the discipline in a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, critical thinking and creativity.  In preparing the curriculum we have been cognizant of the recent developments in the field of medical education which has resulted in horizontal and vertical integration of subjects, assignment based learning, student-centered teaching/learning, small group learning, practical oriented and applied learning, problem based learning, early clinical exposure, critical thinking, and use of information technology in teaching, learning and assessment.

The orientation program which is also titled Professional Transition Program (PTP) is of eight weeks duration and includes English Language for Medicine, Information Technology, soft skills, effective learning methods, introduction to human biology, medical terminology, ethical bahaviour and learning in the university setting. Students who are awaiting enrollment are advised to critically study the content of the PTP. You do not need to spend time trying to learn specific subject matter. A list of books that students are expected to use, and preferably own are given in the faculty web site.

Lectures and practical classes will be conducted in the premises of the main university assigned solely to the Faculty of Medicine until the new building complex is completed. Fifty percent (50%) of construction work of the building complex is complete as I write this message. The building complex is spacious and includes all modern facilities. All students will be given hostel facilities from the beginning in two new hostels assigned to medical students alone.

A large number of eminent academics have pledged their support to the new Faculty. With the experience that I hold, initially as a student in a new faculty at Ruhuna 35 years ago and the experience in scrutiny of the challenges faced by six more new medical faculties which followed Ruhuna, I am certain that I will be able to lead a team successfully to meet challenges faced by the emerging Faculty of Medicine at Wayamba.

Our most central aim is to provide students with a high quality and uninterrupted educational experience. We shall not compromise on either of the two. The duration of the course is exactly five years and the first batch will face their Final MBBS examination in November 2023, with students from other medical faculties. The first batch should leave the faculty in that month to pave way for the sixth batch to be enrolled.

I believe, together, we can make a difference by producing competent and caring doctors that our country needs.



Prof MD Lamawansa

MBBS (Ruhuna), MS (Colombo), PhD (University of Western Australia), FRCS (Edin), FCPS  (Pakistan-h.c), FASI (India-h.c), Hon . FAMASI (India-h.c), FCCSL (Sri Lanka-h.c)

Acting Dean

Professor of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya and

Former Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya


 Current News....













Laying the Foundation Stone  

After identifying the real necessity of having a Medical Faculty at the Wayamba University followed by several discussions at the UGC and ministerial level the establishment of the Faculty was gazetted by the Government under No 1954/43 of 19.02.2016. Accordingly, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held on 12.10.2016 in Labuyaya Estate in Kuliyapitiya under the patronage and direction of the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways and the UGC and by the following dignitaries:

Hon. Laksman Kiriella, the Minister of Higher Education & Highways

Hon. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, the Minister of Education

Hon. S B Nawinna, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development & Cultural Affairs

Prof. S J B A Jayasekara, then Vice-Chancellor of the WUSL


Academic Programme

The MBBS Degree Program is an integrated organ system-based course of five years’ duration. Each academic year comprises of three (3) terms and each term is 10 weeks in duration. The Curriculum is divided into three phases:  

The First Phase in year 1 and 2 comprises of study of normal structure and function of the human body.   The second phase in year 3 and 4 comprises of study of etiology, pathology, treatment, prevention and control of disease. Clinical training commences in third year. There are three professional examinations at the end of each phase on study.

Phase I: comprises of thirteen modules, teaching the normal structure and function and the biochemical aspect of the human body. The Personal and Professional Development Stream(PPD) also will commence in Phase I. It begins with an orientation programme and then spans over 5 terms.

Phase II: consists of fifteen modules, Community Medicine and Professional development stream. Students learn the abnormal structure and function in relation to various diseases

Phase III: comprises of the final year professorial appointments in Medicine, Surgery , Obstetrics and and Gynaecology and Paediatrics with six weeks attachment in Psychiatry and two weeks attachment in Family Medicine


Departments of Study

The following Departments of Study shall be established phase wise over a period of 5 years:

Phase I : Basic Sciences- Department of Anatomy

  • Department of Physiology
  • Department of Biochemistry

Phase II : Department of Microbiology

  •  Department of Parasitology
  •  Department of Pathology
  •  Department of Forensic Medicine
  •  Department of Community Medicine & Family Medicine
  •  Department of Pharmacology
  •  Department of Medical Education

Phase III:  Department of Surgery              

  •  Department of Medicine
  •  Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  •  Department of Paediatrics
  •  Department of Psychiatry


Current Status

The construction of the new faculty complex has already been started. The whole project is expected to be completed within the next two (02) years. Meanwhile, the inaugural batch of students (75 students) will be admitted to the Faculty towards the end of 2018 and academic activities will be conducted at makeshift venues at Kuliyapitiya Premises by renting out some buildings. Academic activities will commence after the orientation programme with delivery of the “commencement lecture” by an invited speaker. With the commencement the students are exposed to teaching and learning of basic sciences integrating Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.

The upgrading of the Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital to a Teaching Hospital is now being undertaken by the Ministry of Health and as such the Professorial Unit is expected to be in place when the first batch of students progresses to the third year in 2021.



Laying the Foundation Stone held on 12.10.2016




Progress of the Construction of the Faculty Complex (17.05.2018)