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Welcome ceremony

of the

Inaugural Batch of Students to the Faculty of Medicine at

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The inaugural batch of students, for the academic year 2018 was welcomed by the Faculty of Medicine, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The welcome ceremony was held 10th December 2018 at the Pandith Amaradeva auditorium of the University. The welcome ceremony was held with the participation of Professor EMP Ekanayake, the            Vice- Chancellor of the University, Council members and senior staff of the University and well-wishers. Senior Professor and Chair of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Professor Neelakanthi Ratnatunga, an academic of international repute was the inaugural speaker


Professor EMP Ekanayake
The Vice-Chancellor
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The admission of the inaugural batch of students (75) is an important milestone of the establishment of the 9th Faculty of Medicine of the state university system, at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, whose initial work was launched in early 2015.  We are very pleased to have contributed to the efforts of the Government to increase the annual intake to state universities through the opening of new Faculties of Technology and Medicine this time.

As of now, the timely progress made over the past few years with full state patronage was instrumental in enrolling the students in time.  A state-of-the-art faculty complex with all facilities required for a campus is under construction close to the Kuliyapitiya Base Hospital at a cost of over Rs. 2000 Million, which is to be completed in 2019. Another Rs. 100 Million are being spent on the procurement of medical equipment, furniture and other requirements to conduct the MBBS Programme of the highest standard.  Two new hostels have also been constructed to provide accommodation for all students admitted today.  In addition to buildings for academic purposes, lecture halls, laboratories, library etc., the Faculty Complex comprises of an auditorium, playground, gymnasium, staff accommodation, cafeteria and a community medicine centre.   With the recruitment of academic, administrative and other staff, we have successfully completed the mobilization phase of this massive project with funding from the University Grants Commission and the Ministry of Higher Education.

In accordance with the Government’s  policy on increasing student admissions for higher education at state universities, we shall create a total of 100 placements over the next few years for the students from the Advanced Level Bio-Science Stream in rural and urban populations to follow an MBBS Degree Programme, who will be able to meet the health care needs of the country, and shall develop a centre of excellence in medicine to contribute with nationally relevant research at Wayamba University on par with other leading medical schools in South Asia.

On behalf of the Wayamba University, I warmly welcome the undergraduates who are stepping on to the threshold of the  career of their  dreams.  Our aim is  toproduce the medical professionals of  tomorrow, who will be generously  motivated  to  serve people with compassion, dedication and professionalism in fulfilling their health care needs. The University also joins hands with the Government in its efforts to raise healthcare standards of the country and to extend the services of the highest qualified healthcare professionals to the masses in rural and distant parts of the country.  In order to achieve the above objectives, we have already fine-tuned the MBBS Curriculum with contributions from leading medical professionals from the other universities too

There are five years of hard work and sacrifice for the students entering the Faculty of Medicine today.  They are expected to become versatile, compassionate, dedicated and accountable medical professionals. Their personal dedication is essentialfor the teachers and mentors of the Faculty to guide them to the above goal. 

Reflecting on the progress made over the years and the work in progress on all major aspects of medical education and given the commitment and the dedication of the staff involved, I am optimistic that the Faculty of Medicine of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka is destined to become a leading choice of all aspirants of medical profession, nationally and overseas too.

I convey the sincere gratitude of the Wayamba University to all those who took the initiatives and contributed towards the success of this project in numerous ways and all well-wishers who dream of incomparable development in the North Western Province.


Professor  MD Lamawansa
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The Faculty of Medicine admits its inaugural batch of students today, 75 in total. We are privileged to welcome the inaugural batch of students who will make the history of our Faculty. A carefully thought academic program is in place which was developed with the assistance of eminent    academics in the country. Several of modern concepts have been included in the curriculum. There will be adequate resources for students to realize their ambition, but in addition, we expect their continual commitment and self-imposed discipline. Staff and students have a tremendous responsibility to prove our collective worthiness and accountability for the people of this country, whose money is spent on higher education.

The academic program will be delivered using existing facilities of the University and in a hired building until the construction of the new building complex is completed in the next year. The academic program commences with Professional Transition Program (orientation program) which will be held over eight weeks

Enthusiasm shown by academics in other medical faculties to provide assistance to a young faculty like ours is encouraging. Efforts of the UGC, under the Chairmanship of Prof Mohan de Silva, University Council and Wayamba University staff at large have been so invaluable in facilitating the establishment of the Faculty, it’s academic program and inauguration of the first batch, well in time.

We thrive to ensure that at the end of five years and after a successful mission, to see students leave this seat of learning, as happy souls and brand ambassadors of the Faculty.


Mr. WA Don Chithrananda 
The Registrar 
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

I am very much pleased to write this message on the inauguration of the first batch of students to the newly established Faculty of Medicine at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.  This is an important moment eagerly awaited by the 75 students who are taking the first to fulfill their dreams.

The Wayamba University of Sri Lanka has been preparing for the new admission of students for the past two or three years and the year 2018 has seen significant developments such as the preparation of  the curriculum, infrastructure and recruitment of academic and non-academic staff for the Faculty of Medicine.   The best expertise in the state Universities in the field of Medicine contributed towards these efforts.

Health care is an all surpassing area which has a demand in any part of the world.  The service that can be offered by the medical students after the completion of their degree will be invaluable to the community.  The Wayamba University is proud to be a participant of this endeavor.

I would like to advise the students to take all difficulties and hardships in their stride, as they are all a part and parcel of the lives of undergraduates.  I wish you all success to reach your destination with perseverance and courage.


Professor Neelakanthi Ratnatunga.
 MD, Ph.D, D.Path, MBBS FRCP (Edin)                     
Senior Professor and Chair Professor
of Pathology                                                    
Faculty of Medicine

University of PeradeniyaI am pleased to extend this message of felicitation on the occasion of the welcome of the first batch of students to the new Faculty of Medicine of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. It is indeed a momentous occasion and I am proud to be a part of this event.  Sri Lanka offers medical education of the highest quality to the youth of this country.  However, many with very good results at the Advanced Level examination are not able to gain entry to our Universities.  It is indeed heartening to see the opening of a new medical school, which will offer a wonderful opportunity for our highly intelligent young men and women to study medicine in their motherland. They would otherwise be compelled to travel to distant lands for a higher education at great expense. Starting a new medical faculty and providing good hospital training is no mean task. I take this opportunity to urge the higher executive authorities to address this matter adequately and quickly, so that the Faculty of Medicine of the Wayamba University will produce outstanding doctors for our country. My good wishes are extended to the students and staff for a bright future.



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