One of the main objectives of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (WUSL) is to improve the emplyability of graduates. In order to achieve this objective, students need to have thorough subject knowledge in the academic program, soft-skills, and practical knowledge of Information Technology (IT). Some academic programs provide sufficient depth of IT knowledge for students while others lack IT components in students academic program. 

Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) of WUSL offers Joint Major academic program for its students who have the opportunity to study IT related subjects by choosing Major I or Major II streams from the Department of Computing & Information Systems (CMIS). The ICT Center-Kuliyapitiya offers this Diploma Program in IT for students of the FAS those who do not select subject streams offered by the Department of CMIS (non-IT students). This program will help to increase the emplyability of graduates, which is a main objective of WUSL.  

Course Contents 

Level 01
ICT 111  IT Fundamentals  ICT 122  IT Essentials 
  • Computer Hardware
  • Windows operating system
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Internet & Email
  •  Computer programming using C
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Web designing with HTML/CSS
  • Database Management Systems /MS Access 
Level 02
ICT 211  IT for  Advanced Users  ICT 222  IT for  Designers & Developers 
  • Computer networking
  • Web application development / PHP
  • E-commerce and cloud concept
  • Computer Security
  •  Programming with Java
  • Graphic designing
  • Software project