Media Facilities

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The ICT Center - Kuliyapitiya is also ready to offer media facilities for WUSL related events.

We currently offer, 

  1. Photography
  2. Video with mixing capability
  3. Live video stream on the Internet

How to obtain these services

Please make a request through the Dean/Head/Director/SAR/AR of your Department/Unit mentioning the type of media service(s) required and the date(s)/schedule of the event.

Train before use

Technical officers or interested staff members will be provided with training on how to use the equipment upon request. Please make a request through the respective Head of the department or Dean of the Faculty.

Please note that equipment will not be issued, until the staff member has completed the proper training workshop conducted by the ICTC Kuliyapitiya.


  • The equipment will be issued to a responsible trained staff member (Academic staff member/ Technical officer) from the requesting department and must be present to receive the equipment at the ICT Center.
  • Upon availability and requirements, ICTC – Kuliyapitiya staff members will also assist in the media activities.
  • A number of selected photos approved by the organizers/Head of the department/Unit of the special event/program/other activity must also be submitted for publication on the WUSL website with a description (less than 100 words or as appropriate) of the event.

Note: Please note that equipment will not be handed over to only students as they have not taken proper care of the equipment and damages have occurred to the equipment.

DSC 2115  DSC 2116


Uploading material to the Wayamba University website


  • Do you have an upcoming or past event/program related to Wayamba University?
  • Would you like to give publicity to your event/program in the Wayamba University website?
  • How about creating your profile page?


1. Events & Activities

If you would like to publish information on the Wayamba University website regarding upcoming/past events/activities such as staff/student activities, related to the Wayamba University, please send the articles and related details in MS Word format to the email address at the end of this article.

If you also have photos of the event please resize them to 800*600 pixels and send or share in google drive with the email given at the end.

Upcoming/Past events pictures can also be published in the main slider banner of the website as well. If you have the expertise please create a picture with the following dimensions

800*292 pixels.

2. News Updates

Please send a short description with a title less than 50 words as the introduction to be publish the articles. The main content can be published as a separate webpage or as downloadable files.

3. External Courses / Programs

Please send the articles such as newspaper advertisement and related details in MS Word format to the email address at the end of this article. 

4. Staff Member Profile

Please use the sample profile given here and send to the following email address. If required photography services for taking profile pictures for a Department/Unit/Division can also be given.  

5. Official email account at    

Official email accounts can also be created for anyone employed at Wayamba University. Please send us a request to the below email including the following details.

  1. Name:
  2. Department
  3. Faculty
  4. Three of your preferred email addresses.    


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Report Breakdown (Internet, Wi-Fi, Intercom) or any other IT Related Issues (Printer problems, Installing Software, PC maintenance etc.)
  • Please contact the ICT Center – Kuliyapitiya premises with the given contact information. 

Contact Information



ICT Center - Kuliyapitiya,
Wayamba University of Sri Lanka,
Sri Lanka.

+(94) 37 2284528
Fax +(94) 37 2284528
 Qr Code ictc