In-Plant Training Symposium

The Department of Agribusiness Management with its “Centre for Agribusiness Studies” (CABS) is holding the In-plant Training Symposium each year since 2006 and it was held on 3rd May 2017 for the eleventh consecutive year. This event is aimed at presenting the training outcomes of the In-Plant training of the final year students, which is now in progress in various public & private organizations. We consider that the In-Plant Training Symposium as one of the important components of our students’ in completing their B.Sc. (Agriculture) degree. Amongst the others, it assists our students to apply knowledge they have earned in real business environment, to be aware of the “values” and “corporate culture” prevailing outside the university premises and to effectively adapt to work environment with “right attitudes”. The Department of Agribusiness Management organize this event in the form of a symposium where each student is instructed to present his/her exposure in front of a large and a heterogeneous audience. Furthermore, this enhances the interactions already exist in between the university and the industry.




                 11th IPTS

                          10th IPTS

                 9th IPTS

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